Propane Cylinders

Calor Gas Propane cylinders available in 6kg, 13kg, 19kg and 47kg sizes. Suitable for wide range of uses from blow torches, space heating, central heating, cooking, outdoor catering, brooders, grain drying, generators, hot air balloons, the list goes on and on.

Butane Cylinders

Calor Gas Butane cylinders availible in 7kg, 12kg and 15kg sizes.

Suitable for a range of uses from camping stoves to portable gas heaters.

Patio Gas Cylinders

Calor Gas Patio Gas, the ideal solution for barbecues and patio heaters. Available in 5kg and 13kg sizes, featuring the innovative Gas Trac valve

Liquid Offtake Cylinders

Portable power for forklifts and high output applications like grain drying.

Available in 12Kg, 18kg and 46kg sizes


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